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Lead Vocalist

A San Diego native. Julie was born into music. She comes from a family of musicians. Brought up singing in church, she has come a long way from being terrified to be in front of a crowd, to loving to entertain!  Some of her influences are Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Mary J, Jill Scott, Adele to name few. Jazz, blues, and soul are some of her favorite genre to sing. Groove Therapy begins here.



Keyboard and Vocals

Inspired mainly by artists like Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, and Thelonius Monk, John’s keyboard playing infuses a jazzy syncopation and energy into the Groove Therapy mix. Improvising on the piano from an early age, he got his start on the band scene the usual way for a keyboardist –– by playing guitar in a heavy metal cover band in junior high. He followed this up with a 60’s cover band in high school, a stint directing an a cappella ensemble at college, then finally getting back to the keyboard in a late-90’s swing revival band Sinister Dexter, still active in the Bay Area. As evidenced by his contributions, he will do pretty much anything to get in front of a crowd and make them dance.



Guitarist and Vocals

Began playing guitar at the age of 10 by learning songs by the Beatles completely by ear.  By 16 he was playing in lead guitar in rock bands and continued for three decades playing venues around the United States and in Canada in blues, country, funk, classic rock, and R&B bands.  As lead guitarist in the Groove Therapy, he adds harmony and lead vocals providing texture and depth to the band.



Drummer and Vocals

Worked in various rock, funk and jazz bands in the San Diego area and is an active player in local churches where he has had the opportunity to work with many accomplished artists. His work on two CD releases with the jazz fusion band ToppDown has brought him much critical acclaim. Influences include: David Garibladi, Dennis Chambers, Will Kennedy




Born in San Francisco, Vern moved to San Diego 1969. He learned to play music by ear, starting out on the guitar. Then he switched to bass in high school and s tarted playing in local rock, country, jazz  bands. He was a long time bass player in a local band called, Paradise LSR (Latin, Soul, Rock). Influences that shaped his playing style include: John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Stanley Clarke, Geezer Butler, Bootsy, and Flea. Vern has a very eclectic taste in music, but his main preference is Heavy Metal ("when I need to relax”). You can hear him on Sundays at CEBC



RICK 858.204.1072, GREG 619.302.1411

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